Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Christmas is coming!

Blah, blah, it happens earlier every year... personally it doesn't bug me that Christmas decorations and food start appearing in the shops in September, but I did take pictures of some particularly cute decorations and also some particularly odd ones. On the cute side, Butlers had various woodland creatures made of glass to hang from your tree...
Owl Christmas decoration

Fox Christmas decoration

Hedgehog Christmas decoration
Then there were the ones that headed a bit further out into the wilds of Strangeland... I can see some kids loving the dinosaur one (though it wouldn't show up well in a green tree), but I think the gerkins are a bit pointless. The hamburger one would just make me want a Big Mac!

Then finally, there are the 'you have way too much money and should really give it to charity instead of buying this shit' products. I'm pretty sure I remember this deer being nearly 100 pounds and the large figure with the head of a Scotty dog was around 70 pounds. They were both about four feet high so you'd need a decent sized room to put them in but I guess with that much cash to splash around, that wouldn't be a problem!

So, are you making a list and checking it twice yet? Do you buy extra decorations each year or stick to the same old traditional ones? Fancy any of the above for your tree?


  1. I love the hedgehogs. The amount of $ that people spend all of this is crazy though. If we decide to put up a tree this year (sometimes we go away) I prefer to put up all of our very old and dated tacky ornaments. They each remind me of a special time in our lives and although the tree might look a bit mismatched, it is the sentiment that I see. And heck…that's what Christmas is supposed to be about right?


    1. Yes, I agree on the sentiment bit. And I bet it actually looks nicer than an over the top colour matched tree.

      In New Zealand we used to buy one or two ornaments a year so that we built up a collection of nice ones (as well as very cheap filler ornaments like gold balls or beads).

      In England I'm trying to resist building up another collection so we don't have more stuff to store.

  2. I think in other countries there's some kind of tradition with hiding a pickle ornament somewhere in your tree and whoever finds it gets an extra present...something like that! Also, I have seen some tacky ass ornaments around Christmas time at all kind of stores. At my old job, we even used to have an ugly ornament exchange and because of this I am blessed with owning a glass blown hippo in a bathing suit ornament


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