Sunday, 22 December 2013

Scent-ual memories

In response to the Duchesse's lovely post about how perfumes have changed, I thought I'd share some of my smelly thoughts.

Parum d'ete by Kenzo
I still mourn the loss of Parfum d'ete by Kenzo. I wore it daily for about a year until the I used up my bottle. The original version was light enough for daytime, but complex and lush. It smelt to me like a bunch of very fresh flowers from an expensive florist that had just been misted with water.It lasted all day and worked layered on a bit more heavily for evening.

The new version just isn't as interesting - lighter, more synthetic-smelling, not up to par.

Youth Dew perfume by Estee Lauder
I still have my bottle of Estee Lauder's Youth Dew from 10+ years ago as it's such a strong evening scent that I don't wear it much. I love it though - it makes me feel confident and strong and sexy. It's a smokey, musky sort of smell that reminds me of an outfit like a feminine cut tuxedo with nothing underneath.

I've never liked the name, but I'm glad I've still got the perfume to enjoy on special occasions.

Since Parfum d'ete I've never really found one good daytime scent. I've experimented with various light florals i.e. White Gardinia from the Body Shop is nice for summer and the Rose 4 Reines Eau de Toilette from L'Occitane is nice, but a bit sweet at times. I love the packaging of the Penhaligons samplers I got for my birthday, but the actual scents are mostly a bit sweet and powdery for me.

Coco Madmoiselle perfum by Chanel
I inherited Coco Madmoiselle by Chanel from my mum. It's not one I would have thought of for myself, but it does kind of work for daytime and it certainly works for evening. It's fairly strong and a bit 'chemical' in some ways, but I like the complexity of the scent and the way it changes. I particularly like how it smells after a few hour's wear, sort of warm and slightly musky or spicy.

I find the packaging a bit bland for the price, but I guess that 'simple, sleek' thing is Chanel's brand. Basically, I'm a bit up in the air about this one.

Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier
Mum did get it right with a favourite perfume that I wouldn't have chosen for myself - Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier. I prefer the perfume, rather than the eau de toilette as I think the perfume as got more warm, slightly musky, vanilla-y notes, especially when it's been worn for a few hours.  

I was given a travel sized set of four different Gaultier perfumes and I've recently used up both the perfume and EDT of Classique so I think I need a full sized one. Luckily it's common enough to be widely available and often on special. I hope it's being made to the same recipe as a few years ago or else I'm going to be disappointed.

What about you - any suggestions? What are your favourites?


  1. A lovely memoir, Eleanorjane! Because the receptors in the nose travel so quickly to the brain, scent is the most powerful evocator of memory. Though not sure (and you can test at a perfume counter) I think you might like Jour de Herm├Ęs or Chanel #19 (in the cologne strength) for day. Each is elegant, but sprightly too.

    1. Thanks Duchesse, I'll give those ones a go and see how I get on. :)

  2. Fragrance is so evocative and personal, isn't it? I really enjoyed reading your impressions and memories of your favorites.

    1. Thanks Une Femme - means a lot coming from you!

  3. Oh yay, I found you again!

    Anyhoo, perfume. I keep coming back to L'Eau de Issey. First tried it when I was 15 and almost 20 years later, it's still a staple.

    I have also worn Gaultier's Classique but find it too warm....I tend to gravitate toward those that (I think) have sharp top notes....Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers, Gucci Rush, Calvin Klein's Escape, Davidoff's Coolwater.

    Ah personal, so evocative

    1. I like L'Eau de Issey too - quite similar to Parfum d'ete, I think.

      I've gotten quite fond of Sunflowers worn in winter too - I think an old ad of theirs showing a sunflower in the snow has kind of stuck with me.


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