Sunday, 12 January 2014

Fixing wardrobe holes

After Saturday's useful wardrobe sorting exercise, I worked out a short list of things I need to fill in some gaps in my working wardrobe.

I had a few hours in scouring shops this afternoon with my mental list at the forefront of my mind. I could hunt and gather much more quickly and easily than usual. I have triumphantly carried home some useful items.
M & S black and white check mini skirt
Firstly, a black and white check skirt to go with my pink cardigan, grey cardigan (and of course all my black tops). This is the third skirt in this shape I've bought from M & S over the past couple of years. The slightly longer (21 inch) A-line mini really works for me. I've linked to their website as I couldn't get a decent picture of the skirt.

Black with beige pattern Billie and Blossom dress

Burgandy floral patterned Oasis dressSecondly, I found a couple of easy care, easy wear dresses. These were both on sale - the burgundy one from Oasis was only 10 pounds! The black and beige one is Billie & Blossom from Dorothy Perkins. I've got another dress by Billie & Blossom which has proved to be comfortable and flattering. The dress washes well and doesn't need ironing, which is also a bonus. Both of them will go beautifully with a pale pink or grey cardie over the top.

The only thing I failed to find from my list was a nice grey top. There wasn't much in the way of grey about and the things I found just weren't right. I'll keep my eyes peeled and see how I go...

Anyway, a good day's shopping, I think!


  1. Those dresses are terrific; interesting, sophisticated and a bargain. I'll bet you feel fabulous in them.

    1. Thanks! I wore the black and beige one today and someone said 'you suit those wrap dresses'. :)


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