Friday, 20 June 2014

Oh for a room of one's own!

Dream dressing room

Dream dressing room by eleanorbirdy 

 We live in a small one bedroom flat. We love where we live, but after a couple of years here I find myself dreaming of space. Particularly the ultimate luxury of one's own dressing room. We find it pretty frustrating trying to get into the same places at the same time in our current bedroom. Wouldn't it be nice to have a whole room to spread out in?

I'm dreaming of two big wardrobes, just for me! With shoe cubbies and all sorts of clever shelves and hangers and wardrobe organisation things inside. 

I'm dreaming of a proper dressing table with a seat, facing the window so it's got lots of natural light. It's got a mirror and space to put all my make up and hair products. 

 I'd love a little slipper chair like the one above for putting on shoes and generally lolling about in. When I was a little girl my parents came across a little floral armchair. They said it was mine and they'd get it reupholstered to go in my bedroom but there was never room in my room. Eventually it got too dilapidated and went to the tip.

In my dream dressing room, the walls are an expensive shade of light taupe. The floor is plush cream wool carpet with the lovely big rug as shown above.There are several big windows with views of trees and rolling green hills. There's a gorgeous marble encrusted en suite bathroom (with a huge bath).  Sigh...


  1. At least you have exquisite taste...

    1. Thanks Jacquie, but it's easy on a fantasy budget! I like classic styles but with a bit of a twist and some modern touches to make it not too formal. Also, not too matchy-matchy when it comes to furniture - I think it looks a bit like 'I went to the shop and bought a room' instead of having a nice mix of stuff you've been given and bought over time.


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