Thursday, 24 July 2014

What to snap up in the summer sales?

House of Fraser Summer Sale

House of Fraser Summer Sale by eleanorbirdy featuring a sally hansen nail polish

I've been poodling about the House of Fraser website for ages, putting sale items in my bag, but not actually buying them. There's something about high summer that makes me disinclined to shop. Is it the knowledge that all this heat has to wane at some point soon? Or the feeling that really I should be spending this month outside enjoying the weather, instead of thinking about clothes? Or just that I like these things but I don't love them?

Lemon yellow is really fashionable at the moment and it does actually suit me. I have tried and failed to pick up a pastel yellow nail polish.  The one I got (Rimmel 60 seconds) got lots of compliments but it's more a custard yellow and not at all what I was looking for.

I do kind of need another pair of cropped trousers for work. I only have one pair in black and they're a lot more comfortable than skirts in the heat. 

I also do need another pair of jeans. I just took a pair of scissors to one of my pairs today to turn them into crops but all my pairs are a bit faded and sad-looking. 

Comfy flat shoes for weekend and walking to work are always useful and I just like those turquoise wedges. I'm not sure if the pink shoes are a bit matronly?

How are you doing with the summer sales? (Or winter sales if you're on the other side of the world) Taking advantage or leaving them alone? 

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