Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Column dressing and working with what you've got

Column dressing

Column dressing by eleanorbirdy 

 I came across the concept of 'column dressing' in Bridgette Rae's blog recently. The idea is that you create a 'column' of a single neutral colour then add a pop of complimentary or contrasting colour over the top. 

I really quite liked this idea as a way of rethinking my options in combining separates. What with Christmas coming up, I shouldn't be shopping. So, I had to have a think about how I might do this column thing with clothes I already own. 

I have more or less matching sets in dark jade green, warm navy blue and black. I have cardigans in a range of colours (here I picked navy, burgundy and fuchsia). I added some shoes and jewellery to tone in with the 'pop' colour of the cardigan. In the case of the green and blue set, I thought it was similar enough to be able to get away with introducing grey/silver as a third colour in the mix. 

What do you think about this column dressing idea? Helpful, interesting or too dull?


  1. Dressing with a column of color is a GREAT strategy that I use often.

    1. I don't know how it had never occured to me before! I guess I have done it quite a bit and just haven't had a name for it. All my posts about shift dresses are basically column dressing. Still, I found it inspiring to think differently about my seperates.


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