Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Solutions for the New Year's outfit challenge

New Year's Eve outfit

New Year's Eve outfit by eleanorbirdy 

Why is it that New Year's comes along right after Christmas when I'm at my fattest, pasty-est and feeling completely un-glam? It's a bit cruel really. 

I normally love dressing up and going out, but in the post-Christmas slump, I'm really not up for much. Still, I'm due to go out and celebrate so what to wear?

I'm a big fan of midnight blue and already have two evening-y sort of tops in that colour. For some strange reason I love the bat-wing shape too. I don't think it's particularly flattering, I just really love it. So, I'm tempted by the Mary Portas top I found on Polyvore, but it's handwash, would need ironing and I DON'T NEED IT. I will stick to what I've got. 

My chocolate brown coated jeans from H & M are showing their age a little (the coating is scuffing off on the seams) but they'll do for now. 

I don't currently own a pair of black booties, but I've got some gift cards to use up so I'll get me some post-haste. I do have lots of statement necklaces so I'm covered in that regard! 

I goes without saying that this outfit will be topped off with a big coat and my warmest cashmere pashmina. Not for me the silly business of tottering around town in winter with no clothes on!

So, what are you doing for New Year's? Got an outfit sorted? 


  1. i love midnight blue too. I think its a great alternative to black. I was looking down the busy street in Glasgow the last time I was there, and all you could see was a sea of black. Makes me want to wear acid green all winter, lol. Love midnight blue on guys as well. Saw a pic of Daniel Craig in a midnight blue tux (slim style one...very Bond retro). It was fab.

    1. I love me some colour in winter. New Zealand used to be particularly bad at thinking black = cool. I usually went for coloured formal dresses and coloured winter coats out of sheer rebellion (and possible a bit of a show-off tendency). :)


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