Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Packing for Venice in Spring

Packing for Venice in Spring

Packing for Venice in Spring by eleanorbirdy 

So we're going to Venice in a few days and I'm a little stressed. Oh noes, First World Problems! (wrings hands)

Still, I'll have a little whinge and if you get fed up with me, by all means click away.

I booked this trip about six weeks ago and promptly did nothing else to prepare. We have flights and a hotel but we are only just now sorting out all those details like how are we actually getting up to Gatwick airport and from the airport in Venice, what are we going to do, how are we going to afford to eat while we're there and what on earth are we going to pack!

We've got a night in London and four nights in Venice with a carry on case each and nothing else. I'm a bit concerned 'cos that's quite a lot of clothes needed and very little space to put them in. We will need to do some washing in our hotel sink.

After a bit of research into packing for Venice it seems that comfy shoes are key. I'm going to suck it up and take my joggers - at least the blue goes with my cobalt blue jeans... My black boots can do for formalish wear as well as walking during the day and in case it's hot I'll take some (reasonably comfy) sandals.

Rain protection is also a theme so I'll take a light trench coat and an umbrella.

I'm taking the maxi dresses as I still don't feel like getting my bare legs out, but I'm sick of wearing tights squeezing me around the middle. And they can be dressed up for evening events if needed. 

So what do you think of my packing - any suggestions? You've got a couple of days to give me all your tips then I'm off!


  1. At the risk of stressing you to the breaking point, your maxi dress with either the trench or moto do not work together, and the bareness of that maxi looks light and summery for the end of April- Venice is damp. A shorter dress or skirt and a few dressy tops would let you wear the trench or the moto. Have a marvelous time!

    1. Hi Duchesse, just back now - I took pretty much what's pictured above (my versions, not those actual clothes) and wore most of it. The weather varied from pouring rain one day (boots, jeans, trench, brolly) to quite warm and summery (maxi dress with light cardi over it). What I desperately needed were waterproof boots for the rainy day. My synthetic pair soaked through immediately and made me miserable!


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