Tuesday, 8 April 2014

What to do with your legs in spring?

Spring want list

As soon as the weather changes in England, I tend to find myself suddenly needing to change my wardrobe (and often being unprepared). I did snap up the floral cardigan above from ASDA. I thought it looked quite cool for a reasonably cheap garment from a supermarket. I've worn it several times already and I certainly feel 'springy' in it.

I also really need some smart-casual light weight trousers. I really liked the look of the patterned ones above from H & M and I did buy them (with a voucher for 25% off) but they really are too tight for office wear at the moment. They're a black and pale pink pattern which I think would be pretty flexible for matching with other patterns as well as a range of plain coloured tops. I'm torn between using them as a reward for losing a few more pounds and thinking that actually, they've got so much stretch that they'll never look appropriate for work. What do you think?

Last summer I got some cheap white flats and worn them to death. I think a better quality leather pair from Clarks would be a good investment. They are a bit expensive, but they'd be good for weekends and more casual work days. And I may be getting old, but I like the comfort of Clarks too.

Another thing that I seem to be constantly searching for is shell tops or blouses with short sleeves in non-creasing fabric. I know some people don't like polyester, but I love the fact that it's so quick to dry and doesn't need ironing.

The final thing I've been in desperate need of so far this spring is pale patterned tights to wear with my skirts and dresses.  I think I must be the only one who likes these sort of tights as I spent Sunday afternoon scouring the shops to no avail. I finally managed to pick up a few pairs in TKMaxx. I like patterned tights as they don't ladder as much as 15 denier sheers. Also, I like to hope that the patterns distract the viewer's eye from my less-than-fabulous legs.

So, can someone explain what to do with legs in spring? Just keep wearing black tights? Switch straight to bare legs? Wear nude stockings? Give me some advice here...


  1. It's time to pack away opaque black tights, which look heavy and sad in spring. Either wear lighter tights such as mico-mesh (they lok like very fine fishnet) or finer denier in nude, grey, black (they look much lighter than opaque, heavy dernier ones) . Hue and Blue Foret make these. I would avoid the frumpy nude standard-issue pantyhose.

    But with the pants, you can get away with lightweight knee-length versions of the tights, so much cheaper, or fine socks.

    I also wear sockettes, but some women can't stand them.

    1. Hi Duchesse - your advice is exactly what I think, but I seem to be the only one in England thinking like that as the shops just didn't have any lighter tights! Or maybe they're sold out? Surely not...

  2. 'As soon as the weather changes in England, I tend to find myself suddenly needing to change my wardrobe (and often being unprepared)'. SO TRUE! I don't mind the transition into spring so much, but when summer arrives, I suddenly have absolutely nothing to wear. And this happens every year. What is wrong with us?!

    Anyway, your question. For me, spring means lighter-weight coats, trenches and substantial jackets, lighter-weight and cropped trousers with bare ankles, thinner sweaters and heavier-weight blouses with a tank underneath and no sweater on top (thick silk from Uniqlo, denim, gingham, etc). I am still trying to work out how to wear skirts and dresses in any season other than winter; I agree thick black tights aren't springy, and I'm not confident to show off my legs without them.

    Those patterned trousers look fabulous, but if they're too tight for work, they probably always will be. Whenever I think I'll lose weight for some clothes, the garment just malingers in my wardrobe, and all I gain from the experience is guilt and another item for the Oxfam pile.

    My favourite flats are French Sole. They're not cheap, but they last - and importantly, keep looking good - *forever*. And they've just opened an outlet store in Berkshire with, apparently, samples '£10 up to £35 - £40' which sounds too good to be true, but I am definitely going to pay them a visit to check this out for myself!


    1. Hi Philippa, sorry, I just saw your comment. Some very helpful stuff there (especially the French Sole outlet store - I travel to Reading for work, so I could possibly pop in).


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