Saturday, 13 September 2014

Grey weather - grey outfits

Grey clothing

Pep up your greys by eleanorbirdy featuring cuff jewelry

Grey is in this autumn (this phrase reminds me of my mother asking me every season what the 'in' colours were). This is kind of a shame as I love grey and what is 'in' with soon enough be 'out'. I'm quite happy wearing colours that aren't fashionable, but it's not so cool wearing something that used to be fashionable a year or two ago... anyway, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. 

I have the Gap jeans pictured above and I love them a lot. They've got a subtle floral pattern and they're generously sized but flatteringly cut.  I also have a similar grey cashmere cardigan which I got on sale from M & S, although mine is from the old lady range so it needs careful styling to look current.

I really like wearing tone on tone but I tend to add a few bits to break up the uniform colour. Smallish black and white patterns (like the snow leopard scarf) read as grey from a distance, but provide a bit of visual texture. Black provides a bit of contrast and the patent flats give another texture to the outfit. I've got these ones from Oasis - they were cheap and I think they have a bit of an Audrey Hepburn feel. 

I also like white with grey to lighten things up and of course silver goes beautifully with grey. I also love how the green animal print shoes are a bit quirky but tone in nicely with the rest of the reasonably subdued outfit. 

I'd wear outfits similar to the ones above out on the weekend, shopping or doing whatever in town. If fact, I think I will today!

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