Thursday, 25 September 2014

The great top dilemma

The great top dilemma

The great top dilemma by eleanorbirdy featuring a white shirt 

 How difficult is it to find useful tops? Arrghghgh! (That's the sound of me tearing my hair out.)

Once again I'm in that familiar place of wailing, "I've got nothing to wear!" each morning before work. The weather is so changeable at the moment I need tops that I can layer over but that also look nice enough for work when worn alone. Tricky. 

In terms of early autumn 'bottoms' I have two pairs of dark blue trousers (one cobalt and black pattern, the other royal blue jacquard), a pair of jade green trousers, beige chinos and the trusty workhorse black pair (these are a heavy patterned fabric with a slight jodhpur cut so a bit more interesting). I also have a black and white check A-line skirt. I'm not wearing as many skirts as usual 'cos I want to avoid tights as long as possible.

Anyway, I'm sorted for bottoms but the top situation is driving me to distraction. I tried on eight tops (EIGHT) in a shop the other day in order to find one that I liked and that fit nicely (it was a pastel floral number nothing like the one pictured above). 

I did get some relief on a trip to Oasis  as they had dozens of different versions of the roll up sleeve shirts shown above. These fit the bill of being non-iron, machine washable and appropriate for early autumn. They're not cheap (by my standards) but I snapped up the rather translucent black one and the jade green one (brighter than it looks in the pic). I've only had them a week and they've been worn twice each so safe to say they were a good buy!

The best thing is that they'll be useful when it gets colder with a warm singlet underneath and a wool cardigan on top.

I think I could do with a few more work tops (as my black and white patterned blouse is on its last legs) so wish me luck in the search! 

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