Friday, 10 October 2014

Craving wine for autumn - burgundy, merlot, sangria, claret

Craving wine for autumn

Craving wine for autumn by eleanorbirdy 

The weather has turned and true to form, my mind has wandered to autumn fashion. I'm yearning for all things burgundy, particularly accessories like shoes (shooz!) and a large bag for work. 

That expensive fluffy clutch bag is just for fun. I'd never spend that much on something so frivolous (but I do think it's pretty!).

I already have a pair of garnet earrings, some tear-shaped drops in silver. I also have a burgundy cotton cardigan, a burgundy three-quarter sleeve top and some excellent wine-coloured nail polishes. I think I'd wear some burgandy shoes as a bit of an accent with other colours especially dark blue, grey and black and white patterns.  I'd have to avoid green or I'd start to feel like a Christmas decoration gone wrong.

With bags, I tend to buy one or two a year and use them every day until they fall apart or I get sick of them. My current bag is jade green slouchy leather. I'd like something a bit more structured and large enough to carry a small laptop or tablet. (I need to buy the small laptop or tablet too... Maybe for Christmas?!)

Are you getting on board with the wine-themed trend this season? Or are you going into spring and thinking about pastels? Or are you just not that fussed about colour trends?


  1. I always love me some oxblood accessories...especially shoes. Odd then that I only have one pair of Bass loafers that could be considered burgundy (oxblood, wine...whatever). I now see an area for improvement. Yay!

  2. So versatile, this color.

    1. I'm thinking it will be. I haven't found the perfect shoes yet though. Two good options I tried on yesterday were too pink and too uncomfortable respectively. The search continues...


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