Friday, 17 October 2014

One pair of pants, three days

One pair of pants, three days

One pair of pants, three days by eleanorbirdy featuring a bateau neck top 

So this week I suddenly found I had to stay away from home for a couple of nights. I commuted for my work on Tuesday morning but the traffic (and weather) was so damn bad that I thought I'd rather stay in the area rather than have to face it again. Of course I hadn't packed, so what to do about clothes for work? 

I happened to be wearing the first outfit on the left - one of those excellent shirts from Oasis as mentioned previously, leopard heels and a gold-toned necklace from Accesorize. I also had on my new pants (or trousers for the English) from Laura Ashley. I have to say that they stood up brilliantly to three days of hard use! 

I popped out to Next UK after work ('cos their shop happened to be on the way to where I was staying) and after a bit of hunting and trying on, I found these two tops. They were both quite cheap and I think I'll get plenty of wear out of them. 

I have been wanting another beige cardigan after I left my old one in Belfast so I was pleased to get this one. It's got a bit of a fabric detail on the lapel which gives it a touch of something more interesting. Also, it's a nice light beige colour. I have to be very careful with beige to get the right tone to suit - yellowy tones look hideous on me!

I also got the dark blue boat-neck top. The picture shows it being rather loose but I sized down to get a snug fit. The colour suits me and I like the buttons at either side of the neck.   

So, with a few toiletries and some cheap underwear, I was set for a couple more days at work. Not the most exciting outfits, but I was pleased with my improvisation.  


  1. A good pair of pants is worth spending for; they'll hold up to multiple wears. I love the leopard heels, which really lift each version!

    1. Yes, I'm really pleased with my new trousers. They weren't even that expensive - on special for 40 pounds, whatever that works out to in Canadian dollars... It's about NZ$80, which is around what I would normally have spent when I was there.


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