Sunday, 2 February 2014

Shopping bargains!

Ooh, I had a good shop yesterday! I got some lovely bargains that I thought I'd share with you...

I had a do yesterday evening and thought I'd have a browse around to see if I could find a nice new top to wear. I managed to find a whole new outfit of things that I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of. First of all, the top.

Midnight blue sparkly Warehouse jumper
On my screen this Warehouse top looks black, but it's actually midnight blue with sparkly threads in the knit. It's in a batwing style with a short zip at the neckline on the back. I love the colour and the combination of casual and dressy. Also, it's reasonably warm for going out on winter nights. I think it'll be really useful.

Black slim-cut Reiss trousers
I needed to replace my black work trousers and these Reiss trousers were hugely discounted. If you're looking to buy them be warned, I had to go a size down from my usual size and even then they're a bit loose around the hips. On the positive side, they're the right length for me (I'm around 5'4), machine washable, comfy stretch material and they look fine under knee high boots for smart-casual work wear.

Last night I wore them with the blue top for a cocktail do at a friends' house and going out to a bar.

Edited to add: I now know why they were so cheap - the fabric is developing snags after only two days on.
Black and white check Mango coat

My most bargain-licious purchase was this Mango coat for just 20 pounds! It's mostly synthetic fibres and not suitable for really cold weather but ideal for coming into spring. It looks good wrapped around instead of buttoned with a black belt pulling the waist in. Or I can just embrace the over sized boxy-ness of it. It'll go beautifully with my black and white check skirt and my black and white leopard print scarf but I'll wear it over everything as it's quite neutral.

So that's my weekend's spoils. They've already been put to good use so I think they'll prove to be wise investments.

Let me know what you think of my bargains or if you've snapped up any treats recently in the comments below.


  1. You did so well! I have found the latter part of January is a very good time to buy clothes. Most merchants are clearing out all of their post-holiday and Winter stock to get ready for Spring,


    1. Yes, the things that were on sale, were *really* on sale! And it's still going to be cold enough for winter things for several months so I'll get my wear out of them this year as well as next year.

  2. This is time for real bargains, and you have picked really good season-spanners. If those pants are showing snags right away, could you not return them? I have done that successfully. They should wear better than that.

    1. Hi Duchesse, yes I'm thinking about returning the trousers. They were hugely discounted but still not cheap from my point of view, so really they should last me a decent while. I think if I pick up any more snags next wear I'll take them back. It's a pest though, 'cos it's so hard to find good trousers!


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