Monday, 10 February 2014

Too old for glittery nails?

Dark burgandy and fuchsia glitter nail polish
I'm quite proud of these little beauties - Rimmel Black Cherry with Ciate Candy Cane over the top. The base is a very dark burgundy and the glitter is fuchsia.

 The ladies at Facegoop say, "That's the power of glitter nails. They make you feel special. Luminous. Invincible." (They have a helpful article about what to do with glittery nails here.)

But I wonder slightly if I'm pushing the envelope of professional attire. And I have read stupid articles that say 'no glitter nail polish over 30'. I do want to be appropriate - I'm not one of those 'I'll wear what I want and screw the lot of you!' lassies.

I've done an impression of the outfit I wore with my glorious nails - as you can see my cardigan is a bit brighter than the one I could find to illustrate. And my necklace was three strands of dark purple 'amethyst' beads.  
Black trousers, riding boots, fuchsia cardigan, purple necklace
So, what do you think - acceptable in a reasonably casual office? On someone (gasp) over 30?

Rimmel Black Cherries and Ciate Candy Cane


  1. There are no rules so why not do what pleases you? This is a look I associate with teens, and it's not elegant, but there are whole other worlds than the classic and discreet. It just depends on the effect you want.

  2. Well, it did please me and I got some compliments at work so I think I was fine. :)


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