Saturday, 10 May 2014

Saturday 6:43am or Crashing Cars and Getting Sick

So I'm pretty stressed right now. I've got big work projects due in a few weeks - my reputation is on the line and there are a lot of variables to juggle. And I've got a couple of other big life issues I'm dealing with at the same time. I'm holding it together, but I struggled to sleep until late last night then I was awake and switched on like a light bulb (ping! awake now!) at 6:43 this morning.

(Actually I had a really useful thought about work that I had to email to myself, but still...)

Stressed woman biting her laptop in frustration

So how do we deal with this stress thing?

In my younger years I had some pretty colourful ways of dealing with stress - mostly getting sick and crashing cars. One year I did my Uni exams in a neck brace because I'd developed torticollis (the muscles in my shoulder and neck went into a serious spasm so I couldn't straighten my neck).

Just before my wedding (and exams and moving house), someone thought they could move their car into the lane that my car was in (nope, they couldn't!). Thankfully that one was judged to be their fault so insurance paid. I also got bronchitis two weeks before my wedding so I got married the first day I'd been out of my sick bed. AND I had a massive pimple! People seemed to think I looked good anyway...

These days I don't crash cars (God willing) and I seem to have managed to teach myself that getting sick doesn't help. But what can I do to cope with the strain? About the only thing I can find to do is comfort-eating. When things get tough, ice cream and donuts help a bit.

Stressed is desserts spelled backwards

If I'm feeling sensible and/or virtuous I force myself to go to the gym. Classes like Pilates really help me remember I have a body and work on relaxing it a bit. A blat on the cardio machines to some pumping music also helps let off some steam. It's just tricky to actually get myself organised and in the door of the place.

Going to church helps to put things in perspective and to keep me focused on not being a bitch even though I'm stressed.

Um, what else? I try not to drink too much wine as it messes with my sleeping patterns and just generally makes me feel worse. Hmm... that's about all I got.

Ideas, anyone?


  1. I'd offer, yoga. For me, Pilates is great for the body but does not release mental stress as yoga does. I also treat myself to a massage (the therapeutic kind!) Oh- and chocolate.

    Since I can get into overthinking, the diversion of an engrossing movie works too- just as a time out. I hope things resolve, because sleep really is the best antidote, but it's hard to summon if one can't relax enough to get it.

    1. Thanks Duchesse. I managed to get a good night's sleep last night. I do love yoga but my gym only has a couple of classes at inconvenient times (and one of them is constantly booked out). I find the speed of the moves in Pilates a bit odd after taking time to stretch and breathe with hatha yoga. I have a DVD but I don't really use it - I'm much better with a set time and place.

      I'd love a massage, but one of our woes is financial...

      This too shall pass!


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