Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Two Faces of January - stylish summer inspiration

I saw 'The Two Faces of January' recently - it's a great movie, go and see it! Also, it's an intensely stylish movie with bespoke costumes by Steven Noble. I'm not a blonde so I might need to change the colours, but I coveted everything Kirstin Dunst wore. The film is set in Greece in the 60s and she plays the wife of a rich man so she's all about classy shift dresses.

 We first see her in a beautiful belted primrose yellow sundress with matching hat. That boat-neck is so flattering and the colour is lovely on her.

 We also see her in a summery brownish tartan dress and flat sandals. Those sunglasses are totally wearable today. I would totally wear that whole outfit. The dress is just up my alley with the sweetheart neckline, short sleeves, pulled in waist and below the knee length skirt. Sigh!

I couldn't find a picture of Kirstin wearing it, but this greyish, beige-ish shift dress was lovely. It's a very 60's shape.

 So, I had a wee look around Polyvore to see if I could find some similar-ish dresses to those the Kirstin wore. Some of my picks are crazy-expensive designer things, but we can use them as inspiration, can't we?

Two Faces of January - Kirstin Dunst inspiration


  1. It's a very Jackie-Kennedy-in-Capri look, isn't it? I like your Polyvore scouting. And when I go looking for a dress like this I run into the same problem as shown in the bottom row: cut too short. If you are of average height, you might find your dream dress!

    1. I think the 'midi' trend will be jolly useful. A lot of the dresses labeled 'midi' are actually just below the knee i.e. perfect length for me!


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