Friday, 23 May 2014

The perfect work dress

So I have this dress. I got in on a massive discount from an outlet store to wear to Ascot and a wedding. It's from Jaeger and it is the perfect dress. It's a raspberry/ burgandy/ cerise colour and is on the knee and well tailoured with short sleeves. The dress is made of a nice thick fabric that skims over the body and is machine washable.

As well as formal social events, I've worn it to (successful) job interviews and just generally to work in both winter and summer. It goes with all sorts of colours and accessories.

I'm kind of thinking I could do with a few of these magic dresses as they make getting dressed in the morning so easy and they look so put-together. I've scouted out a few options below with slight variations. Most of them are way outside my price range, but I can scour the outlet stores and use them for inspiration.

I just need to make sure that I don't get sucked into something that:
  • Has a pattern I'll get sick of
  • Is too short or too low-cut or too tight
  • Has fabric that isn't machine washable and no-iron
  • Isn't too clingy, static-y or creasable
Only perfection will do! 
What is your formula for the perfect day dress?

Work dresses


  1. Sadly, in my line of work, dresses are rather impractical but all of those dresses would be in my fantasy closet.
    When I do get the chance to wear a dress, they have sleeves, are vee or scoop necked (but not too cleavage-y), knee length, machine washable & don't need an iron.

    1. Yup, me too! (Your criteria, I mean).

      I spent a year working in a casual environment before my current job so I'm really enjoying the chance to dress up and wear heels (and a better salary to help me afford a few dresses and heels!)


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